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    Day-to-day maintenance and maintenance of the brake system of Lankao Shenli with car crane

    Source:www.eneltono.com PublishDate:2018-03-22
    The daily maintenance item -- brake disc truck mounted truck brake pad should not simply calculate the replacement period according to the kilometer number, and decide whether to replace it according to the actual wear condition. Because each person's driving habits are different, so the use frequency of brake and brake wear in Chengdu is certainly not the same, if in accordance with the number of kilometers dogmatically implemented replacement, met with the driver brakes it is likely not to change course in the base will brake brake disc at scrapped. Is actually very simple, usually more visual, or each of Xugong crane for maintenance, please repair technician for generation can check, found that as long as the brake friction material sheet thickness remaining close to 5 mm will be promptly replaced, because with the brake brake pedal will form a thin side effect, brake reaction time. Change the brake pad must use regular products, after all, the driving safety master, must not spare this expense.

    Daily maintenance project -- the brake disc is relative to the brake pad, and the hardness of the http://www.eneltono.com/product.html brake disc material is larger, so the replacement frequency is not so high under normal service conditions. It is also necessary to regularly carry out visual inspection, to observe whether there is abnormal wear of the brake disc, or whether there is excessive corrosion phenomena, such as brake disc surface corrosion grooves of large area can be defined as a small amount of excessive rust, rust can be through the brake friction self cleared, and the groove will not soon cleared, will cause serious damage of brake brakes, brake disc, found that excessive rust should be the vehicle repair. If the brake discs on the truck are deformed, it will cause the jitter of vehicle during the braking process, or the vibration of vehicles in the vehicle. It is also found that such abnormal phenomena should be sent to the vehicle for repair immediately.

    Routine maintenance items -- brake oil and brake oil line are decided by the composition of vehicle brake oil. The brake oil must be changed regularly, because brake oil has strong water solubility, and it will absorb moisture in the air for a long time, resulting in a reduction of boiling point. The general brake oil is changed every two years. If it is wet area, the changing frequency will be increased according to the situation. When changing, we should pay attention to the label of the brake oil used by the vehicle, and the different label brake oil should not be used mixed. The brake oil and oil circuit: the inspection of the oil line of the car's suspension brake is mainly the rubber pipe fittings in the oil way, because these rubber parts will cause cracks due to aging, resulting in oil leakage, and there may be burst when braking. Therefore, we should check these rubber pipes regularly and find that the aging phenomenon must be replaced.

    Daily maintenance projects - what to pay attention to in daily use

    With the car transport vehicle braking system in daily use should pay special attention to two points: first, the temperature of the braking system, do not use strong continuous brake, it will cause the brake disc, the temperature rises rapidly, may cause the brake or brake oil burning, boiling, it will cause the brake failure occurred. The correct approach is in a continuous process under the steep slope, advance speed reduced http://www.eneltono.com/contact.html, using the appropriate gear, the engine brake braking system with the mode of operation, can effectively reduce the burden of the braking system, braking system to avoid overheating. Next is to prohibit the downhill process to extinguish the engine, found that the Xugong truck crane basically has a brake vacuum booster pump. Once the engine is extinguished, the brake booster pump can not only play a supplementary role, but also produce great resistance to the brake master pump, and the braking distance increases exponentially.

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