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    Henan with the car crane house teach you how to remove the fog on the window in winter

    Source:www.eneltono.com PublishDate:2018-03-22
    In fact, our front windshield fog is different, too! What we see most is the dew like fog produced by the temperature. How do you deal with it?

    The first method: can spray some anti fog spray, the specific method is: the anti fog spray on the glass, and then wipe away dirt spots, except the fog, etc. will be removed. The spray will also form a protective film on the glass. Can effectively prevent the formation of fog on the glass!

    Some friends don't want to use spray, but there are a lot of things that can replace spray, such as detergent, alcohol, brine and so on. After painting, ensure that the car will not have fog within a few days!

    Second methods: the air conditioning has the function of cooling and dehumidification, open the cold air, and can effectively eliminate the fog. When people first get on the train, the gas exhaled is higher than the temperature inside the vehicle. Therefore, the temperature inside the car will be different from that outside the vehicle, and the temperature inside the car will be reduced, so that the effect of mist removal can be achieved.

    The third method: air conditioning heating method, this method compared with the cold air method, the speed is slower. The principle is, open the warm air, the warm air will speed up the water vapor on the glass dry, similar to the role of glass hot wire in the rear window! During driving, it is better not to do this. During the driving process, the warm air suddenly opens, and the mist on the glass will aggravate, making the glass become a piece of frosted glass. It's very dangerous! Want to open ahead of time!

    It's really not a good idea to drive with cold air when driving. The Henan truck crane manufacturer reminds you to choose a scientific way and drive carefully, which is the safest and most practical.

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