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    Five dangerous moments on the road in Henan

    Source:www.eneltono.com PublishDate:2018-03-22
    A dangerous moment: into the high-speed line

    Do you know why some drivers accelerate crazy in front of the main road into the high-speed ramp? Below by Henan crane manufacturers Xiaobian tell you, in fact, this is for the sake of safety, because of the speed difference is bigger, the collision of the ear have more serious consequences, into the main road before trying to accelerate, in order to obtain similar speed and the vehicle on the main road, the line will not cause significant impact on the rear of the vehicle.

    Danger time two: high speed lower ramp

    The same and the line into the high-speed, high-speed ramp is another dangerous road. China Road complex, while the driver level is uneven, so if you're in the middle of the driveway. Well, the overtaking lane because the vehicle suddenly found to miss the export of high-speed and emergency lane change, forcing you to slam the brakes to avoid the situation, I believe we have also encountered. So even if you don't have high speed, you have to be very careful on the ramp entrance.

    In addition, because of the reasons for road setting, of course, it does not exclude that domestic drivers are not so serious about speed limits, and the radius of a lot of ramp ramps is very small, so it is also very easy to have a single car accident on the next high speed ramp.

    Danger time three: crossing no signal lights

    There are no signals in the streets in the suburbs or in the residential areas. At these junctions, the most of the people are slowing down the speed of the car and passing through. In fact, it is impossible to avoid a possible accident by slowing down the speed of the car. Although there is no rigid demand for parking and wait-and-see in our country, we should stop at the intersection with poor vision and observe the traffic carefully after careful observation.

    Danger time four: in conjunction with the "car"

    When you are driving with a full load truck, you have to tell yourself in your heart that you are in a dangerous black period, and you must be very vigilant.

    It is never unreasonable for a large truck to be called a "car of disaster". If you are behind it, these rough and unloaded vehicles will drop out of stone or anything else that breaks down the windshield of the car. It's all a little thing. If you are in front of it, you have to be very careful that the overloaded big guy is likely to stop running after it.

    If you are in the side that it must be more careful, don't turn it in the outside, because the high center of gravity of the big guy is very easy to rollover, once it is "covered" may be fraught with grim possibilities. If you are sandwiched between two big trucks, they will be more exciting. A car can be bumped into a sandwich by two trucks. There are many accidents. In a word, how far away is it to see a large truck?
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