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    Driving habits check: men do not pay attention to, women too much attention!

    Source:www.eneltono.com PublishDate:2018-03-22
    What is the bad habit of driving in the process of driving a Henan crane? Next Henan with the car crane manufacturers with the small editor to realize the risk of bad driving habits

    Driving on the road, often see some male drivers lean out of the window to spit, or a hand wheel, a hand holding a phone, jubilant over the phone; and some women drivers are more "arrogant", while driving, while makeup, snack, or covered with dolls. In the rear window, the rear window cover up. I do not know, these bad driving habits, will bring a great impact on the safe driving.

    According to the survey, the man drove more dangerous and they may be less stress in some women all the minor details, because too much attention, the beauty of love was not caused by the occasion. Therefore, whether men or women, in driving process, we must carefully examine every detail and eliminate all bad driving habits that may lead to danger.

    First, the four bad habits of men

    Cause: slovenly, unfastidious

    Dangerous habit 1: hard stuff into the chest pocket

    Many men like to put their daily necessities in their pockets, such as mobile phones, keys, pens, or business card clips. This habit is not serious in the ordinary time, but, if is in the car, in the pocket also carries these items, can hide certain danger. Once an accident happens, even if it's just an emergency brake, the driver's body will go forward violently. If you wear hard objects such as cell phone in your chest pocket, you will be able to cause rib fracture and other injuries under the strong pressure of the seat belt.

    Dangerous habit 2: luggage compartment

    Usually, the rear compartment of the car is called the "crumple zone", that is to say, if the car happens to crash, it will be used to absorb the impact force of the rear vehicle to alleviate the danger. However, if you are stacked up here, once the accident happens, these debris will become a "blockbuster" in a moment, and will hit your back. What's the consequence? You know yourself. If something must be placed in the trunk, remember to fix it with a net. Don't be lazy.

    Dangerous habit 3: busy calling, not busy making light

    Some men drove so busy, also seems to love a phone, holding the wheel, a hand holding a phone, jubilant said froth. Right in front of an empty line, rushed past, or directly on the street and turn around, do not know the light, do not give any tips for other drivers. For these people, can only give you a word: "long night Bichuang ghost", said to the day, disaster will come to. So, put down the knife off!

    Dangerous habit 4: head or body out of the window

    Some men who lack personal accomplishment drive their head out of the window and spit when driving. This behavior is first uncivilized and should be resisted. From the safety of driving, it is even more worrisome, which may lead to two situations. A driver is a moment from the window in the head, next to a car coming, but the car speed is fast, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate; and on the other hand, the sputum in the air force, spit on someone's car avoid leaning to either side or passers-by the body, it will cause a disturbance.

    Two, the four bad habits of women

    Reason: too much attention, love beauty is not an occasion

    Dangerous habit 1: wearing nylon gloves driving

    Some people say that the hand is the second face of a woman. Yes, many women are very concerned with their own hands, so some women in the car used to wear nylon gloves, for a long time the wheel will grind calloused hand. As far as it is, it is very bad for the safety to do so. Once a lady has been driven by a nylon glove, the steering wheel is not flexible.

    Dangerous habit 2: the rear window is full of small dolls

    Some women especially like decoration, for example, like to hang a row of small dolls in the rear window of the car. The car started to move and swayed, showing the beauty of his personality. Beauty is beautiful, but dangerous but also uninvited. When you glance at the rearview mirror, you can easily be obstructed by the small doll swaying around the car, so you can make a wrong judgement of the traffic condition after the car. Once an emergency occurs, an accident is inevitable.

    Dangerous habit 3: drive with high heels

    Because of the slope of high heels, it is sure to affect the pedal movement in case of emergency; it is more dangerous if it is in emergency braking. Although the high heels are good, they are absolutely not suitable for driving or changing a pair of flat heels. If your heels is fond of, recommend that you prepare two pairs of shoes in the car: a pair of shoes, a pair of high-heeled shoes, wear shoes when driving the car and then put on high heels.

    Dangerous habit 4: make up or eat snacks when driving

    With the increasingly fierce competition in modern society, some women rush to make up or eat breakfast in the morning, which is quite dangerous. With the help of the interior sunshade board, it is easy to see the accident in front of the road for a long time. If you eat breakfast or snack during driving, it is easy to distract the attention of the driver. Once an emergency occurs, it is too late to brake or adjust the direction, which is also likely to cause traffic accidents.
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