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    What should Henan be prepared to do with the car on the road?

    Source:www.eneltono.com PublishDate:2018-03-22
    1. will the boom fully retracted.

    2. will the boom to the provisions of the housing position. The marks on the frame should be aligned with the marks on the rotary column.

    3. the hook pulley is fixed with the hook stop cable.

    4. the lifting arms completely down to the lowest position.

    5. lift the hook pulley to a sufficient degree to maintain a slightly tightened state of the hoisting rope. Note: the wire rope can not be pulled too tightly, otherwise it will be damaged.

    6. collect the leg rack. Note: after the support of the leg frame, the lock pin should be ensured to be placed in the proper position. If the lock is not inserted correctly, the leg rack may be extended when the vehicle is driving, which will cause a serious accident.

    7. switch off the "over" alarm device switch.

    8. separation of PTO (force collector). Note: if the vehicle is driven under the action of the articulation force, the service life of the pump will be shortened, or the crane will act accidentally due to the reason of planting.

    9. for the multi valve and rotary valve, a large truck crane on the road before, in addition to the situation noted above, in particular, must handle the rotary valve system to play in, to prevent out of the vehicle with the car hanging in the process of moving the legs and outrigger cylinder.

    10. for the optional rotary locking device for large, medium-sized truck cranes in the road before, must confirm the rotary locking device is locked, preventing the vehicles in the process, the crane swing, ensure the stability of vehicles.

    11. check the connecting rod of the crane and the chassis regularly. It needs to be fastened regularly to avoid the shedding of the crane and the chassis.

    12. vehicles in the process, do not allow workers to stand in the car, crane in operation process, the boom is prohibited under the station.

    When the crane moves on the road, should be the contraction and fixed jib. The boom in the front of the vehicle and position, also can be in the rear side of a vehicle.
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