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    How to emptying the waste hydraulic oil with the car crane? Replace the hydraulic oil with the car.

    Source:www.eneltono.com PublishDate:2018-03-22
    Judge whether to replace the hydraulic oil of the crane by identifying the viscosity of the hydraulic oil with the truck crane.

    1, the inversion of hydraulic oil in containers: take hydraulic oil from the tank and standard hydraulic oil separately in two transparent glass bottles of the same size, and plug the bottle mouth. If the two bottles are discharged and put upside down, if the bubble of the hydraulic oil in the bottle rises faster than that of the standard oil in the bottle, it indicates that the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is lower than that of the standard hydraulic oil, otherwise, the viscosity is higher. If the rising speed of the hydraulic oil bubbles in the two bottles is close, the viscosity is similar and does not need to be diluted.

    2, glass plate tilting method: take a clean glass plate, horizontally put it, drop the hydraulic oil on the glass, and drop a standard hydraulic oil beside it, tilt the glass plate and observe the velocity and flow distance. If the velocity and the flow distance of the measured hydraulic oil are larger than the standard hydraulic oil, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is higher than the standard oil droplets, and the opposite is higher.

    Attention: Generally speaking, the 2000 hour of truck crane operation is about two to three years or so. Hydraulic oil is needed to be replaced. The theoretical standard of oil change is to see the viscosity and aging degree of oil, such as whether it is clean or not, and so on.

    Correct steps for replacing hydraulic oil

    1. First release the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic mailbox, clean the tank and add the new hydraulic oil.

    2, remove the loop general pipe, start the engine after the idle speed operation, so that the oil pump work

    3, operate each organization separately, by hydraulic oil to discharge the old oil in the circuit one by one until the new oil is out of the main pipe.

    4, at last, connect the oil back to the tank and add the new hydraulic oil to the specified position in the tank.

    Explanation: this oil change, though slow, also needs to be determined by the specific model and the situation, but it is enough to do it for a maximum of half a day.河南随车吊

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